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Ristorante Italiano

I was born in Uruguay to an Italian father and a German mother. A few years later we moved to Tiggiano, a little town in Southern Italy where my grandparents were born, and that's where I developed a passion for Italian flavors and recipes. I used to help my grandmother cook, and she would run from the garden to the kitchen bringing fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, sage and other vegetables and spices. My grandfather would bring various types of fish, octopus, scallops and all kinds of delicious surprises from the Mediterranean Sea. The aromas in the house were a delight to the senses and I wanted to be a part of that family tradition and bring to others the beautiful smells and tastes I had grown to love.

I began cooking professionally, in Bielefeld, Germany, and there I adopted the Northern style of cooking sauces, meats and gnocchi. I moved to New York City in the late 80's and worked in a few prestigious restaurants in the Upper West Side district, gaining more experience and inspiration, and after a couple of years I migrated West, to Southern California where we opened our first Buona Vita in Hermosa Beach. It was a family affair, with my mother Eva, and two sisters, Paola and Pamella working with me. The restaurant was the beginning of many successful Buona Vitas that would open throughout the U.S. and Mexico and we still today enjoy serving authentic, fresh cuisine and exceptional wines and desserts to our much appreciated patrons. The torch has been passed! I live in St. Petersburg, Fl where we have another Buona Vita location.

Now Nick, Paola and I have reopened Buona Vita in Park City and are serving the same favorites that make this restaurant so unique. Nick was born in Australia, growing up with his mother in the kitchen where cooking began his passion with food. At a young age he left to pursue his dreams attending culinary school, and working for hotels and restaurants throughout the land, traveling extensively he landed in Park City.  While working in Park City only a few short years ago, he has already made a great impression on this small town. Paola, born in Uruguay, moved to Park City to help her brother with Buona Vita where her passion for restaurants and the industry started. She has worked in different restaurants around Park City that really helped her to excel everything from the back to the front of the house. And now we are bringing back to you.

Come and visit us at Buona Vita!

Chef Allan Galean

Eat well, be well

*We have Catering available for any Event from parties to dinner rehearsals to meetings to picnics and much, much more.
Please contact for more information!